Kevin McElhone Mechanical Music

I have written ‘Mechanical Music’ by Shire Publications which is now on a third edition and is still the best introduction to this complex subject at only £6 + shipping.

'The Organette Book' is now out of print but in 2018 The Organette Book Supplement was published. ‘The Disc Musical Box' was published in 2012 and The Disc Musical Box Supplement was published in 2018.

Please ask for full details of these books.

My stock is changing all the time but usually includes such classics as

The Nicole Factor
Street Musicians on Postcards.
Treasures from the Forbidden City.
Clockwork Music by Ord-Hume.
Edison Phonographs
Edison - Bell Phonographs - How to make Phonograph Records
Edison Amberol Records -
Inventing Entertainment
Restoring Musical Boxes & Musical Clocks
Automatic Organs - by Ord Hume.
Automatic Pianos and The Orchestrelle
Cylinder Musical Box Design & Repair
Cylinder Musical Box Technology.
Music Boxes - Nasu Orgel Museum [Japan]
Shire - The Organ (3rd Edition 2011)
The Cylinder Musical Box Handbook
The Disc Musical Box Handbook (2012)
Musical Boxes - David Tallis-
Automata & Musical Toys - Mary Hillier
Barrel Organ - A.Ord-Hume
Restoring Player Pianos - Art Reblitz
Rebuilding the Player Piano - Larry Givens
Re-prints of Original Makers or retailers catalogues from c.1890 - 1920.